Where You Have to Go If You Want to Celebrate the Halloween Festival

Western countries will soon hold a horror festival which is highly anticipated every year as one of the ingrained cultures. Every October 31, the Halloween festival will be held in various countries and not only children who are waiting but adults will also celebrate. While saying Trick or Treat, children will walk around the house asking for sweets.

The Most Awaited Halloween Festival Worldwide

Despite having a scary history behind the purpose of this celebration, the Halloween festival is always awaited by many people. Both adults and children will all start wearing scary or funny costumes.

Even this annual festival also always attracts many tourists from various countries, who also want to feel the excitement of Halloween in a country. Even as reported by Travel Pulse, there are some countries that are very popular.

The place is very famous and is the busiest destination for Halloween so it will not be surprising if the place is crowded at the end of October and the following are examples, namely:

Alton Towers Scarefest: Scarefest this year promises Project 42 to enliven an event where visitors can explore the underground laboratory which is a place for testing on humans. If you don’t have big guts, then visitors can still try some of the other amusement rides and it’s not too scary.

Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights: For Halloween this season, Universal Orlando will invite some scary characters like Poltergeist, Halloween 4 and also Stranger Things to entertain those who visit there. Even all the scary zones in that place not only apply to the day of the festival alone but can be enjoyed until 3 November.

World Famous Locations During the Halloween Festival

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Howl-O-Scream: When the night of the festival arrives, this place will be filled with various attractions such as haunted houses. Even the haunted house is also divided into several types like a haunted asylum that is Insomnia will cheer you up.

Six Flags of Great America. Fright Fest: Until today, October 31, the place will be enlivened by various scary characters throughout the playground. One of the creepy attractions that need to be visited is Massacre Medical Center is a favorite place and very crowded when Halloween has come.

Kings Island, Halloween Haunt: Here visitors can explore by visiting various kinds of very scary haunted houses on Kings Island. Some of the spooky places you need to go to are Chaos, Urgent Scare and Bayou Backwoods which are known to be so gripping that those of you who don’t have the guts should not try it.

Buena Park, Knott’s Scary Farm: If the night of the festival is approaching, Buena Park, located in California, will be a scary labyrinth that covers 647,000 square meters. In addition, they also offer a variety of other creepy attractions with live performances like The Conjurers and Hacks, which is a pity to miss.

Universal Studios: This place also does not miss being one of the tourist destinations including Singapore and Hollywood. Until November 3, Universal Studios will open around 8 horror-themed mazes like The Purge, Poltergeist and Stranger Things. If you are in Asia, then visit

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