Leak A Quiet Place

Leaks A Quiet Place, After the film industry is filled with superhero genre films, it seems that the film industry is now shrouded in horror films.

The audience seemed very enthusiastic about watching horror films. But not a few films that also feature fewer aspects of the result of Hong Kong horror and poor quality.

Another case with a horror film ‘different’ on this one.

Leaking A Quiet Place There is a Sequel in the film A Quiet Place
This 2018, a horror film that is different from the usual shake the cinema screen including Indonesian cinema.

The film in question is A Quiet Place. Unmitigated, this film even triumphed at the Box Office.

The film from the same actor and director John Krasinski, the article received a lot of praise from film critics.

A Quiet Place itself is about a variety of aliens that kill almost all populations on earth.

This alien is not only wise but also sharp in his hearing.

The main focus of the story is on Lee Abbott and also his family who have deaf children and also mute his name is Regan.

Throughout this film, they must struggle to survive without making any sound.
But this is not easy to remember the wife of Lee, Evelyn Abbott, played by Emily Blunt, is carrying your fourth, and soon gave birth.

Not only that, the conflict between Lee and his first daughter, Regan, made the audience more stressed but still curious.

After finally going through a very tiring journey and struggle with the aliens, they finally can find the weak points of the aliens.

the end of A Quiet Place was very epic because Evelyn closed it by holding a weapon. And of course, the ending can satisfy the audience, but there are also those who are disappointed because Lee’s character finally passed away.

There’s a Sequel of A Quiet Place
But actually the director found an idea to develop the story of A Quiet Place to be far more complex.

Finally, the husband and wife John Krasinski and Emily Blunt finally gave the first leak of the storyline of the sequel to this film.

the statement was made when they were interviewed by CNN Indonesia.

“In some cases, the idea of ​​a story to find out who these people are before this happens is sure to be interesting.

But I am not so sure because actually now is the part that happened next, “said Blunt.

A Quiet Place (2018) tells of a ferocious creature with a very sharp sense of hearing. They will come to anything that sounds and preys if the voices are living things.

Blunt added, “I think the audience really likes this family. I think when (the story) is like an open book, and certainly for John who is doing something like we talked about. “

Krasinski who became the director and writer in his first film will return in this sequel. producer Andrew

Form himself felt he was very happy because of the presence of the man known through the series The Office. Krasinski also explained that,

A Quiet Place exists in a world that not only contains remodeling characters.

A Quiet Place will provide a very unique experience.

He is reportedly in the middle of writing a script from the sequel to A Quiet Place, which is reported to be the sequel to the sci-fi thriller, which will be released on May 15, 2020.

However, unfortunately, until now there has been no official title.

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