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Lee Ticket Photography

Lee Tickett’s photography is the definition of eye candy. The way he expresses the vibrancy of everything party makes you wonder why you aren’t in the club right now!

Tickets explain one of his fascinations with party photography, “I quickly grew to love the unusual, creative shots I’d end up with.” Indeed anyone taking a look through his images will see the creativity and passion radiating from them.

The beautiful people and equally beautiful moments of nightlife photography quickly captivated Ticket, to the point where “I now find it weird shooting in the daylight and without flash!”

When Lee Ticket does a shoot, he does it big. He captures the shining moments of an event and delivers them in a way that shows the most important aspect of parties, fun.

Nightclub Photographer

The self-taught photographer explains, “I learned the basics, kept it simple, and eventually developed my own style.” A style that adds a very lively quality to his photos and makes them not just party pics, but visual experiences.

Nightclub Photographer enjoys playing with light through “various exposure settings and through shooting with the flash off the camera.” In doing so he keeps every shot feeling fresh and modern just like the parties themselves.

What draws Nightclub Photographer to do what he does best? “I get a chance to capture the excitement of the nightlife and the adventures in the party scene!”

“My photos show the guests having a great time and they enable the viewer to share that experience.”

Nightclub Photographer does the excitement and elation like no one else. His unique style is so animated you can feel the energy of the night emanating from the images. Whether it be the mesmerizing strobe lights, crazy dancers or those short-lived moments between friends, Nightclub Photographer immortalizes them in a stunning way.

DDD Photography

Dominick Damaso of DDD Photography utilizes his knowledge as a film major to create a window into the nightlife scene. His urban style shows off the raw emotion and joy people feel when they let loose for the night.

Damaso likes to scope out the small elements of an event that come together to make the experience truly special. As he explains, “I look for the smaller things, wardrobe, shoes, accessories, the color of the wardrobe, things that people wear at nightclubs and/or parties that make them represent themselves.”

Whether it be a high-end nightclub or a casual kickback at your friend’s place, Damaso can bring out those memories that last a lifetime.

Damaso reminds us what partying is all about with his photography and loves every minute of it. “What I look for in these nightlife events? Just the chance to capture the most energetic moments.”

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