Netflix Stop the Daredevil Serial because of Disney

Stop Daredevil Fourth Season Impressions

“Marvel’s Daredevil will not be returning for the fourth season on Netflix,” said Netflix representative quoted by CNN Indonesia. “We are so proud of the last show and also the last season (the series). although this hurts fans, we feel that closing this round with a good impression is the best decision as well, “he added.

Although the series, which aired since 2015, do not continue to be sweet on Netflix, all episodes of the 3 seasons that have never been seen can be seen for many more years. Aside from the news that Netflix stopped Daredevil’s broadcast in its fourth season, Netflix itself provided a hint that Daredevil would be worked out even more by Marvel.

“Daredevil’s character will be revived in the upcoming Marvel project,” he said, but unfortunately without any further details.

As a sign of parting, Netflix himself expresses his gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes characters from the series about the blind hero.

“We are very, very grateful to our partners at Marvel, producer Erik Oleson, story writers, crew and also extraordinary players, including Charlie Cox who acts as Daredevil himself. and also we thank the fans who have strongly supported the show for years, “he added.

Daredevil itself is not the first Marvel series from the Defenders universe that was cut off from the global streaming service. if you didn’t know beforehand, the local action drama from Luke Cage and also the martial arts expert from Iron Fist even just touched in the second season.

Because of Disney

Currently, there are only 2 Marvel fiction characters in the NetFlix, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones. The cancellation is because Disney is setting up its own streaming service, which is Disney Plus. Disney has also begun to revoke the copyright of the rainbow lottery and TV movie project licensed to Netflix.

But on the other hand, the cancellation of Daredevil is considered quite surprising because this one series is one project that can be said to get a good reception from fans and also critics. When you look at other series, there is a high possibility that Jessica Jones and The Punisher will also suffer the same fate.

Netflix reportedly canceled more than half of its Marvel series because of the latest Disney service, Disney Plus. And this also results in increased tension between Netflix and Disney.

Quoted from Wowkeren, creative issues are considered as reasons that might cause the cancellation. As you well know, Walt Disney Studios itself seems to be indeed trying to develop their business in the entertainment industry. Aside from Netflix, of course, the Disney Plus streaming service will certainly compete with giant TV channels in the same class as Amazon Prime.

Disney, which plans to dominate the television industry, also plans to set up accurate tactics. Even the production house which oversees Marvel Studios, the article is said to be uplifting the story of some iconic characters in the MCU to the screen too.

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