Photography Sessions-Wedding and Engagement Couple Photo Session

there different session of wedding photoshoot which provide you ideas and also information on how to do that

Engagement Session with Pets

We have all seen engagement sessions with neat locations, scenes, poses and even props. Speaking of props, how about considering your pet as part of the engagement session? Many couples will be preparing to enter married bliss with a four-legged furry friend as part of that mix.

What better way to enjoy an engagement session than with your furry friend?  Pets not only add some great images to the session but they add a level of comfort and fun all at once. Any nervousness you or your fiance’ may have is quickly dissipated with the fun of a pet included.

I love this image above of this dog running out ahead of his family to be to make sure all is well. So before you make your engagement session appointment, consider that sweet new addition to your family to be!

A Photo Booth For Your Wedding Ceremony

I know many of you have seen the popular photo booths at some weddings in Atlanta. I think it appeals to our sense of nostalgia and a wish to go back in time to a simple era of being a kid at a dime-store or local mall to get a cute candid image of oneself and a friend.

Sometimes a group of friends all crams into the photo together, making an instant candid keepsake. Recently we have begun offering the photo booth option for our wedding packages. It has been interesting to see how people interact with the fun props, hats, pretend mustache or red lips on a stick.

This is an image from a recent wedding at my church. What I find fun and interesting is that often times it is the 40+ crowd that has the most fun with this. It takes very otherwise serious middle-aged adults and transforms them into little kids again having fun.

If you have not thought about adding a photo booth coverage to your wedding, think again. It will keep your crowd around, engaged and having fun. Your wedding will become one of those memories where people say “remember how much fun we had at so and so’s wedding” comments.

Wedding Photography in Lawrenceville, Georgia

This bridal portrait above will probably go down in my book as one of my favorite bridal portraits ever. There are so many elements that I love about this portrait. We had a great small area to work with over by the side doors of this local wedding venue.

They had these majestic looking doors and I had the privilege of working with a beautiful bride named Kristen. I just loved the back of Kristen’s dress. The extra-long veil really added to the dress nicely. I had Kristen turn her head and arms slightly to the left and we opened the doors behind her so that the closed doors did not give you that “post coming out of the head” look.

This way the slight opening of the doors draws the viewer eyes directly to the subject. The lighting was close to the middle of the day and the brightness of that time helped to reflect a lot of light on the surrounding objects like the table and the sofa. Simply a wonderful keepsake. A great day for wedding photography in Lawrenceville.

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