SBY Wants PD More Successful in 2019 Elections than in 2014

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) as Chairman of the PD (Democratic Party) said that the party he supported would continue to fight to stay standing so that he would not sink after the upcoming 2019 Election. He hopes that his party can be even more successful in the election next year than the 2014 elections.

Want Democratic Party (PD) More PD and Success

“I still have faith that the Democratic Party will not sink and the Democrats will be more successful than the 2014 election,” said SBY when delivering his speech in front of the candidates who were at The Sultan Hotel, South Jakarta, on Sunday (11/11).

Therefore, this PD General Chairman also asked his cadres and legislative candidates to fight diligently to pitch to Senayan. Just for the record, the parliamentary threshold in the 2019 elections is 4%. While from the results of a survey conducted by LSI Denny JA in August, PD received 6.7% of the 1,200 respondents. In the 2014 election, PD won 12,728,913 votes or 10.19% of the total national votes.

SBY some time ago also acknowledged that the PD is currently facing a tougher challenge than the 2014 election. He also had time to compare PD with Jokowi and Prabowo’s party. He said that a party that had a presidential candidate would win a higher vote than a party that did not have a presidential candidate like his party.

SBY also advised his candidates to remain patient, persistent and also tough despite the electability of PDs from several survey results including those that received low ratings. In fact, he also requested that his candidates hold fast and also carry out 14 party priorities which he claimed were the aspirations and hopes of the community.

According to him, the 14 priorities are aspirations that were obtained during 4 years of traveling to hundreds of districts and cities in Indonesia. “Firmly run the 14 party priorities that have been delivered by Kogasma Chairman to you,” said SBY.

Run the 14 Democratic Party Priorities

Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, Chair of the Democratic Party Joint Task Force (Kogasma) Commander, said the 14 priorities were programs that also became an issue among the people of Indonesia. He claimed that these priority points had been in the public’s attention for a long time. However, he did not specify what 14 priority items were intended.

“The priority is to increase purchasing power, the fate of farmers, increase the development of MSMEs, and also many more. But what is clear is that the fourteen programs are truly God willing to be able to answer what is expected by the people going forward, “said AHY.

Not only that, but AHY also said that it had advised the candidates to truly listen to the voice of the Indonesian people, and be able to explain the programs and solutions offered by the Democrats.

He also stressed that the candidates were not fixed on the sweet promises of politics but rather put forward the explanation of what had been achieved 10 years ago when SBY became Indonesia’s leader. “This is our commitment and hopefully it can be well received and of course our efforts will continue and continue until the voting day,” said AHY. ‘

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